Vorras Ski Center


What better than to combine winter sports with thermal spa and wellness. Ski & Snowboard at the morning , but private spa in the evening. One place combines all these and none other than Pozar – Loutraki. The ski center Vorras – Kaimactsalan is 40 km away from Pozar and is an ideal destination in the winter.

The route to the Ski Center is very beautiful and passes through many beautiful villages such as Orma and Kerasia.

The highest peak is Kaimactsalan with 2,524 meters. The Vorras Mountain connected westward with Pinovo mountains (2,156 meters) and Jenna (2,182 meters), which form part of the same mountain range. Mostly is covered by forests of oak, beech and pine. At the highest peak of ski center there is a small church, fallen Serb monument of World War I.

The name of the highest peak, Kaimactsalan, means “Land Smooth as Cream.”  Source: wikipedia

Route from Loutraki At Kaimaktsalan
Route from Loutraki At Kaimaktsalan