Aridaia Natural History Museum

Source: promahi-nea

Entering the town and next to the Town Hall operates the Natural History Museum in the building that formerly served as a railway station. During the First World War built by allied troops called train Karatzova (Ntekovil) and was intended to assist in transportation and the supply of the army.
Over time, in 2002 transformed into the Natural History Museum. It is a museum where visitors can be informed about a variety of topics. Specifically, in the halls of exposed fossils found in the region of Almopia through excavations.

Also attract the interest of visitors and various exhibits fossilized bone of ursus spelalus, namely the bear cave, which was discovered in the caves of the Baths. Notably made excavations at the Baths area in cooperation with several universities, one of which is the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Geology). However, the first pan-Hellenic Speleological research spilaioparko Pozar, organized by spilaioerefniti Kostas Ataktidi 1990.
Moreover, the plant science room contains photographs and plants that thrive in the area Almopia. Additionally, in the area there are minerals and rocks that come from other regions outside the Almopia.

Indeed, on the upper floor of the museum kept traditional uniforms Almopia that stimulate the imagination travels the visitor in earlier periods. Finally, there is a library that houses a huge variety of large-scale book in which one can read, in the museum’s hours of operation, any book caused interest.
Closing worth mentioning cross-border work undertaken for the protection and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage of Municipalities Almopia and Novaci, the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece- Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013”. This is aimed at social, economic and tourist development of the region and strengthen artistic creation, an objective which has been progressively implemented through parallel activities with a common methodology.

Salamani Vasiliki
IONIAN UNIVERSITY, Department of History