Edessa General Hospital

3rd Health Region of Macedonia

Terma Egnatia 58200, EDESSA
Tel. Center: 23813 50100
Appointments: 23810 22222
Fax: 23810 23465
email: info @ gnedessas.eu

The Hospital Edessa is one of the largest hospitals in the administrative region of Macedonia. The main mission of the hospital is organized to provide quality health services (primary and secondary care), in the context of equality in access to and utilization of health since the service is good constitutionally institutionalized and protected.

The configuration as environment-friendly as possible, the immediate and quality service, information and respect the needs of citizens, also belong, at the top of the hospital.
The number of organic hospital beds are 202 and 165 developed, while the weighted average access time is 23.13 minutes.
Some of the statistics of the General Hospital Edessa thus as recorded in the year 2012 are:

Hospital introduced 9328 people.
In Outpatient examined 38 508 people.
In the Emergency Department examined 40.024 people.
In Radiology made 46.045 examinations.
In Microbiology Laboratory were 653 807 examinations.
In Blood Donation Station were 115 050 examinations.

Έδεσσα 582 00 Μακεδονία Θράκη GR
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