Garefi, An Old Traditional Village

The Traditional Settlement of Garefi is a picturesque village, surrounded by lush forests, nestling at the foothills of the mountain range of Voras – Kaimaktsalan.

It is just 7 km from Aridea, the capital of the municipality of Almopia, and 120 km from Thessaloniki. Its distance from the famous Pozar hot springs is just 15 km.

Γαρέφι Πέλλα

The village was named after the well known fighter of the Macedonian Struggle ” Kostas Garefis ” (Captain Garefis)! An important sight and at the same time a sacred symbol of the village and the surrounding area is the Church ” ASSUMPTION OF MARY ” built in 1811 by the residents of the village!

Entering the traditional settlement of Ano Garefi, someone can admire the newest church, the Church of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew (1970). The bell tower, the stone fountains ,the narrow streets and the traditional Macedonian houses with tiled roofs are intact examples of local folk architecture that complement the charm and beauty of the village.

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There are two clubs maintained in Garefi today. The equestrian club ” SAINT GEORGE ‘ and the cultural association’ ‘COSTAS GAREFIS’ which organizes a number of events throughout the year. (The Day of the Life Giving Spring / Zoodochos Pege – The Assumption of Virgin Mary- The festival of Karatzova pepper).

The combination of its geographic location and the innumerable natural wealth makes Garefi a unique ornament for the region and at the same time, adds it high in the list of the most sought-after destinations for alternative tourism.

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The Traditional Settlement of Garefi has now around 800 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in agriculture, farming and logging. The surrounding area of Garefi is suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as trekking, horseback riding lessons, mountain biking, basketball, football.