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A short story about Pozar

“Pozar” means burning charcoal or after burning coal. This is the name of the Old Loutraki village. The old village was up in the mountains. Probably sometime burned, and the rebuilding of over the embers, to named Pozar. There, just below the old village, the path that still exists, descended in the spa area. In Pozar!

In early 2010s Pozar is already known in Greece and is now a visitor attraction all year round. The outdoor waterfall is the Pozar’s trademark.

They said that Almopes were the first inhabitants of the region. A Giants race, coming to the Bronze Age site. The region then became one of the 17 provinces of the Macedonian kingdom.

The baths according to the legend, appear in antiquity to have hosted Macedonian kings and generals. A relaxation and rehabilitation place for them after long battles and wars. Findings indicate the use of the Baths in both the Alexander era, and the Roman and Byzantine times.

Known is also the urban legend that SARISA, the spears of the Macedonian Phalanx had to undergo this treatment “cooking” in the warm waters of the Baths to increase the hardness and durability.

The uniqueness of its location, ease of access from urban centers, the short distance from the ski center of Kaimaktsalan make it an attractive winter destination and the particular climate of the big plane trees attract and summer those seeking an oasis

Today they have added more indoor pools, remodeling of the watering is paved with mild means to disturb the harmony with nature, while in July each year takes place one of the biggest music festivals of Greece. The “Pozar Festival” … more here